Internet Content Filtering in India: Variations in Compliance and Accuracy

By: nart on 28 May 2004
Posted in Asia, India, Publications

In response to a report indicating that the Mumbai Police Commissioner's Office had ordered ISPs in India to block the website (because of inflammatory anti-Islamic material contained on the website) we connected to the web site in controversy through remote computers hosted by three ISPs in India to ascertain compliance with the latest order and found that website is indeed inaccessible. Click Here to read the full bulletin.

I need to say this

I need to say this on this
My self being an indian think that this was necessary as india has a bad past of hindu muslim riots,and boths hindus and muslims are equally responsible for this.Any spark in the tense palces like mumbai.assam lucknow and delhi could lead to riots.Parties like VHP ( world hindu council) and RSS ( National serving group) have been banned by the gov.t and any body who is a member is kept under strict survelliance.
Well some times for the sake of the nation you have to do some thing bitter.
The gov.t of india is not against any political can see that by browsing through thousands of Anti india sites ( Kashmir for instance)
Hope you get what i said.

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