ONI bulletin released today analyzing Chinese non-commercial website registration regulation

By: nart on 22 February 2006

Today we released a bulletin analyzing the effects of China's mandatory website registration regulation on website owners and bloggers. The bulletin analyzes the effectiveness of the regulation’s legal provisions and considers its practical impact on Chinese users. If you'd like to read the bulletin, go here.

From our press release:

In a report published last year, “Internet Filtering in China: 2004-2005,” ONI shared its research findings that China’s filtering regime is the most extensive, technologically sophisticated, and broad-reaching Internet filtering system in the world. This new regulation does not rely on sophisticated filtering technology, but uses the threat of surveillance and legal sanction to pressure bloggers and website owners into self-censorship. While savvy website owners might thwart the registration requirement with relative ease, the regulation puts the vast majority of Chinese Internet users on notice that their online behavior is being monitored and adds another layer of control to China’s already expansive and successful Internet filtering regime.

To view our press release, go here.