Indonesian Government Ratified Internet Law: Death to Bloggers' Voice?

By: epeterson on 20 June 2008

On March 25, the Indonesian government ratified Undang-undang Informasi dan Transaksi Elektronic (ITE) which, in short, means Internet Law. The law regulates everything online under Indonesian government's territory effective April 1. Some highlights of the statute:

Article 10: government has the right to give Certificate of Credibility to Online Businesses
Article 11: Giving electronic signature a legal standing
Article 15-22 : regulate online transaction security
Article 25: protection for intellectual property
Article 26: regulates privacy
Article 27: Prohibit contents that is indecent, gambling related, defamation, extortion, and threat
Article 28: Prohibit contents that invokes hate based on lies, ethnic, religion, race, and affiliation.
Article 31: Prohibiting the transmission of content that is not one's own.
Article 45: Punishment for this statute ranges from 6 years to 12 years in prison or Rp 1 billion – Rp 12 billion and any additional charges.

The ratification of the Internet Law ignited uproar from Indonesian bloggers who feel that the Internet law, especially Article 27, 28, and 31, threatens freedom of expression guaranteed by the original 1945 constitution.

Previously, Indonesian government only loosely controlled the Internet. With the rise of cybercafes in cities, Internet usage in Indonesia has been increasing dramatically. In a country where the press is controlled tightly by various telecommunication laws [1,2,3], many Indonesian journalists had turned to the Internet to free their voices. How the Internet law will be implemented, and whether extensive filtering will be put in place, is unclear. The law itself seems to have come from a push from the Cyber Crime Direktorat Ekonomi Khusus Badan Reserse dan Kriminal (Bareskrim), the police cyber crime division for another cybercrime law . Under the new law, many critical journalism pieces could be challenged under articles 26, 27, 28, or 31 and thus would be unpublishable online as well as in print.

If used improperly, this new law will, again, silence Indonesian journalism.

(Disclaimer: All links are in Bahasa)

Supari, the news blackout & bird flu.

Very convienient timing for the government to take this action to silence the news on human cases of bird flu and other disease outbreaks. Does anyone in Indonesia like Supari? That woman is an idiot. She really is going to be the death of hundreds of thousands of Indonesians by covering up the bird flu and giving it more of a chance to go pandemic. Then it will kill millions of people. She will go down in history as worse than Hitler.

C. Owens

Bird Flu

Are you talking about Indonesian minister health , Siti Fadilah Supari??


Orlando LDS

It is now Aug 2009. So how

It is now Aug 2009. So how many thousands of Indonesians died of the bird flu?

We now know that Bird flu

We now know that Bird flu and Swine flu panic is a sham cooked up by multinational drug companies to sell more vaccines. So Supari was right and C Owen is the idiot

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