Burmese regulations for cybercafes stringent as expected

By: spambot on 2 July 2008
Posted in Burma, Asia

ONI has obtained a copy of regulations for the operation of cybercafes in Burma. Since March 2006, the Burmese government has been 'encouraging' the growing number of cybercafes to become licensed as public access centers (PACs) under the management of Myanmar Info-Tech, a state-owned company. The regulations mandate that screenshots be taken every 5 minutes and user data be submitted routinely to Myanmar Info-Tech, and even require that computer monitors be placed for maximum public viewing.

Below is an unofficial translation. The original version in Burmese is available here.

Public Access Center Regulations by Myanmar Info-Tech
1) All cyber cafe users must supply his/her name, Identity card or (Passport Number), address, and phone number to the cybercafe. Cyber cafe owners must record their identities.
2) Internet Usage must be recorded in Date/Time/Screen Shot/URLs format and send it to Myanmar Info-Tech via CD-Rom every 2 weeks.
3) Owners and operators of cybercafes should keep backup logs of Internet usage.
4) Screenshots must be taken every 5 minutes.
5) Monitors must be faced to side where they can be easily viewed publicly.
6) Cybercafes must post a sign stating that "Only subscribers of MPT's official email and Mail4U can use email. Other email use is not allowed."
7) Cybercafes must post a sign stating that "Tunneling Website/Software are prohibited"
8) Cybercafes must post a sign stating that "Cyber Crimes (Hacking, Virus Distribution, Port scanning and etc.) and acts against Myanmar culture are prohibited"
9) No access of political web sites is allowed.
10) Do not host or engage in gambling activities in PACs (Public Access Centers)
11) Sale of alcohol and drugs is prohibited.
12) Use of speakers is not allowed. Must use headphones.
13) Do not allow use of disk drives, CD drives or USB Port in PACs.
14) If a user wants to download or copy files from the Internet, he/she must register in logbook.
15) Do not remain open after 11pm.
16) Make fire prevention arrangements.
17) If someone disobey the PAC regulations, owners must promptly inform Myanmar Info-Tech.
18) Owners and operators must obey the Wide Area Network law and related policies for ICT use (3/2003).
19) Owners and operators must obey Myanmar Info-Tech's rules and regulations that are announced as needed.