Threats to the Open Net: Week of 11/29/2010

By: Jillian C. York on 3 December 2010

From today forward, the OpenNet Initiative will no longer be updating its news feed. Instead, we will provide a weekly roundup (dubbed "Threats to the Open Net") on our blog, in addition to our usual in-depth blog posts. If you would like to subscribe to the RSS feed for the entire blog or the weekly threats update, you may do so; you are also free to use the feed on your own site, with attribution to the OpenNet Initiative.

Threats to the Open Net

* The U.S. government has seized 82 sites on the basis of copyright infringement, reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

* On the eve of elections, Facebook removed (and later restored) several popular pro-democracy and anti-torture groups, writes CPJ.

* Webhost Amazon caves to pressure and pulls whistleblowing site WikiLeaks from its servers. Rebecca MacKinnon covers the issue in-depth for CNN.

* An article by Barney Warf in GeoJournal maps the 'Geographies of global Internet censorship'.