Nigerian govt. shuts down Internet and mobile networks during presidential inauguration

Multiple Nigerian newspapers and Twitter users are reporting that Internet and mobile networks were inaccessible for 12 hours in Abuja during President Goodluck Jonathan's inauguration on Sunday, May 29.

Sam Nda-Isaiah of the Abuja-based daily newspaper Leadership writes:

The state security forces virtually had to capture the capital city: they blocked perhaps a half of the roads in the territory, blockaded all mobile networks and shut down the airspaces. Those who had to leave the city were trapped and there was no internet connection for people to do their daily job.

Tunji Ajibade, writing for the Daily Champion, adds:

Internet and mobile phone services were shut down within some ten kilometer radius of Eagle Square, causing citizens untold hardship as public transporters raised prices, and family members who had made arrangements to link up by phones were left confused.

Multiple Twitter users also mentioned the outage:

Abuja's just out of over 12 hrs of telecom/data lockdown! No phone, no Internet for the entire democracy day. Hello!

Phone/ internet services is now activated now in Abuja Nigeria which were off since morning cos of Presidential Inauguration. Revenue lost

So the Fed. Govt switched off all mobile and internet networks in abuja through out yesterday...that's was so freaking unfair,I cud not call,text,ping or browse for over 12hrs,that was so freaking unfair

Previous OpenNet Initiative testing has found no evidence of filtering in Nigeria, though the government has occasionally arrested journalists or closed media outlets that report critically of its actions.