RusLeaks Shut Down After Releasing Private Information

By: Qichen Zhang on 8 October 2011
Posted in Russia, Europe

Wikileaks spinoff anti-corruption website RusLeaks has recently been taken down, RT News reported last week. After an investigation by Russian authorities, it was found that the site published a database that listed citizens' names, passport numbers, and addresses, as well as other private information. Judicial officials' bank account information was also available on the website.

All three Rusleak domains have been recently blocked (.com, .net, and .org). Much of the information dated from 1997 through 2007, according to the Moscow News. Some of the published information, however, could still be valid today and should be protected under current jurisdiction.

The website, whose creators claimed that "honest people have nothing to hide," has operated under the premise of exposing "all embracing" corruption in the Russian government. However, the recent discovery shows that the site has targeted regular citizens by publishing information without their permission, rather than focusing exclusively on high officials. For example, popular blogger Anton Nosek said he found his salary from 2003 and his flights on the website.