Threats to the Open Net: February 10, 2012

  • The Russian government blocks the Andrey Rylkov Foundation's website for publishing information about methadone, which can combat opiate addiction (and, relatedly, help stop the spread of HIV through the use of infected needles). The drug is banned in Russia.
  • Google and Facebook comply with the Delhi High Court orders to take down objectionable content. Google announced that it took down material from Youtube and Blogger.
  • Attention in the tech industry turns to "middle countries" such as Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines that do not yet have clear Internet policies and regulations—whether in support of Internet freedom or to censor information—in place. Google's director of corporate and policy communications, Bob Boorstin, commented at the Media Access Project, "The question I want to put on the table is which way are they going to go?"

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