Looking Forward: A Note of Appreciation and Closure on a Decade of Research

By: ONI Team on 18 December 2014
Posted in ONI

After a decade of collaboration in the study and documentation of Internet filtering and control mechanisms around the world, the OpenNet Initiative partners will no longer carry out research under the ONI banner. The website, including all reports and data, will be maintained indefinitely to allow continued public access to our entire archive of published work and data.

We are proud of the research conducted by the ONI network and deeply grateful for the work and efforts of the many people from around the world that have contributed to this work and to those who have supported this research.

Numerous important and compelling areas of study build upon prior ONI research; ONI collaborators are actively pursuing these independently, jointly, and with new partners. We believe that the relevance and utility of this research agenda will continue to grow over time and that new tools, methods, and partnerships must emerge to meet this ongoing challenge.

We are thrilled to see other researchers and organizations engage in this area of research, drawing in more institutions and perspectives into an ever widening set of researchers around the world who are actively engaged in study, education, and advocacy in the field.

The ONI Team