Reports and Articles

Country and Regional Profiles

The most recent ONI research on Internet filtering in specific areas can be found in our country and regional profile sections.

Bulletins & Advisories

ONI issues bulletins and advisories to attract attention to recent events and recently-released documents and research concerning Internet filtering.

Internet Watch

Internet Watch reports investigate emerging trends in Internet filtering and control. These occasional reports take a detailed look at events, policies, technologies and countries where filtering and content controls are occurring in new and unexpected ways, or where filtering has been alleged but undetected using conventional ONI testing methodologies. They are designed to test hypotheses, refine monitoring techniques, and report on the cutting edge of the global informational battle space.

Case Studies

ONI case studies are in-depth reports of Internet filtering for a selection of countries that predate our current country profiles.


ONI articles are a selection of publications by ONI investigators and researchers that examine the tools and techniques of Internet filtering worldwide, as well as other related topics.

Issue Crawler Visualizations

ONI has collaborated with Dr. Richard Rogers and to produce a series of analytical visualizations based on the outputs of ONI's research and's issue crawler tool.

  • Leaky Content: An Approach to Show Blocked Content on Unblocked Sites in Pakistan - The Baloch Case (November 2006) [method pdf] [story pdf]
  • Two Providers, Two Internets. The Case of the United Arab Emirates (November 2006) [pdf]
  • The Internet Treats Censorship as a Malfunction and Routes around it? A Semi-manual Approach to Internet Censorship Circumnavigation (June 2005) [updated pdf]
  • A Censor's Network: Iranian Social, Political and Religious Sites. A Hyperlink Analysis Method for Censored Website Discovery (June 2006) [updated pdf]

Previous Work

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