August 2 Russia

Russian interior minister Rashid Nurgaliyev called for tighter controls over Internet content in order to protect and preserve "traditional cultural values among young people."

August 11 United Kingdom

British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested a social media crackdown after rioters in the UK used Facebook and Twitter to organize large-scale lootings and demonstrations.

August 16 China

Chinese political prisoners sued Cisco, accusing the software giant of providing the Chinese government with tools to censor and track Chinese Internet users.

August 17 UAE

The Emirati government announced that it will start strictly punishing people who "spread rumors" on the Internet with prison sentences as long as three years.

August 19 Kazakhstan

The Kazakh government blocked LiveJournal along with other foreign "extremist" websites on grounds that they incite terrorism and violent behavior among its citizens.

August 21 Libya

After months of highly restricted access, Internet connections in Libya flickered briefly back to life during political protests.

August 25 China

China released a list of over 100 songs to be banned on the Internet, including songs by Lady Gaga and the Backstreet Boys, in attempts to promote cultural security.