June 3 Syria

The Syrian Government turned off nearly two-thirds of all Syrian networks, creating a blackout that left users across the country without Internet for nearly twenty-four hours.

June 15 France

An executive order was drafted that would allow the French government to censor online content or net services, with vague or broad written limitations on this power.

June 19 United States

Researchers from the University of Michigan announced Telex, a new anti-censorship system that allows users to connect to a proxy server without an IP address to access blocked sites.

June 21 Sri Lanka

Citizen journalism and dissident sites were blocked on Sri Lanka Telecom ADSL broadband Internet connections for a few hours.

June 22 Turkey

After retaining control of parliament with nearly 50 percent of the vote, Turkey's governing Justice and Development Party announced it would introduce a compulsory Internet filtering system later in the summer.

June 23 Denmark

The Danish police released a proposal that all anonymous Internet access be abolished in order to aid the fight against terrorism.