May 1 Bahrain

The government of Bahrain temporarily censored the website of a government-affiliated directorate that supports Shiite institutions in the country. A Bahraini newspaper blamed the blockage on Iranian hackers.

May 6 Turkey

The Turkish Telecommunications Directorate announced plans to ban websites with domain names containing any of 138 offensive words. The list includes words like "girl," "gay," and "hot."

May 8 India

Google issued a memo in response to new Internet regulations in India. The memo objected to language that would prohibit companies from hosting or publishing offensive content.

May 9 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia passed new legislation criminalizing content deemed to be defamatory to prominent religious and political leaders in the country.

May 26 United States

The US Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to approve the Protect IP Act. The Act would require search engines, ISPs, and others to block or take down infringing content.

May 27 Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government's Drug Combat Department blocked over 3,000 international websites for supposedly encouraging drug use and marketing illegal substances online.

May 31 China

China blocked mention of Inner Mongolia on Chinese microblogs and social networking sites as part of an effort to clamp down on protests that broke out in the region.