December 1 China

Beijing began setting up more Wi-Fi hotspots around the city. The initiative met with criticism, as the new usage policy requires users to register with a mobile number, which could be used to track browsing history.

December 4 Russia

Multiple websites came under a massive DDoS attack during Russia's hotly contested national elections. Victims included LiveJournal, election violation monitoring websites, and independent news outlets.

December 5 India

India's minister of telecommunications asked Google, Facebook, and other social media websites to prescreen user content before allowing it to go live on their sites.

December 12 Syria

Syrian blogger and political activist Razzan Ghazzawi was arrested and charged with "weakening the national sentiment and trying to ignite sectarian strife." She could face up to fifteen years in prison.

December 19 United States

Congress deferred voting on SOPA to January after controversy about its potential impact on Internet censorship appeared in the media and the blogosphere.