October 2 Thailand

Thailand's Office of Prevention and Suppression of Information Technology Crimes cracked down on online content that defames the royal family.

October 5 Italy

Wikipedia shut down the Italian version of its website in protest of an Italian bill that would allow any individual to demand the takedown of content for any reason; compliance would be mandatory within 48 hours.

October 7 Slovakia

An online petition against against an anti-gambling law that might justify the blocking of Facebook for offering roulette and poker games circulated in Slovakia. The law in question would block gambling websites operating without a Slovak license.

October 16 France

A French court ordered ISPs to block a website showing officers taunting demonstrators and being violent toward ethnic minorities after police expressed concern about possible violence against law enforcement.

October 19 United States

Google decided to support pseudonyms on its Google+ social media product after criticism arose about privacy issues and freedom of expression online.

October 19 Libya

France's International Federation of Human Rights and Human Rights League filed a complaint against software company Amesys for enabling torture by providing surveillance equipment to Qaddafi's regime.