February 1 Iran

The Iranian government announced the formation of a new cyber police force whose targets specifically include anti-government websites and political dissidents using social networking sites.

February 1 United States

Senator Joe Lieberman expressed his intention to reintroduce a bill that would give the US president an "Internet kill switch."

February 7 Canada

British Columbia Ferry Lines, the largest passenger ferry line in North America, blocked access to any website that has sex education or abortion-related content on its free wi-fi network.

February 7 United States

The Obama administration announced its intention to alter domain approval procedures to include a mandatory review by an ICANN advisory panel comprised of government representatives from nearly 100 nations.

February 24 China

China blocked LinkedIn and promptly restored access to the site a week later. Critics claimed the government was trying to prevent a social-media driven "Jasmine Revolution" in the country.