November 1 Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan government blocked Lanka-E-News after it published content considered offensive to the ruling regime.

November 2 Syria

Blue Coat Systems, a California software company, admitted that the Syrian government was using at least 13 of its devices to filter websites in the country.

November 18 Pakistan

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority released a list of nearly 1,700 Urdu and English words to be banned in text messages sent within the country's SMS network.

November 19 United States

Nine Internet mammoths, including Google and Yahoo, joined together to fight the Stop Online Piracy Act, publishing a collective letter in The New York Times.

November 23 United Kingdom

The British government stated that it is aware of sales of surveillance equipment to foreign countries whose regimes may use it to censor the Internet and stated it would not actively prevent these sales from happening.

November 28 Italy

Italian software company Area SpA stopped its project to build a surveillance system in Syria that would allow the Syrian government to intercept any email sent through the country's network.