July 1 Thailand

The Thai government announced that individuals could face fines and jail time if they're caught commenting on any of the candidates or the parties online in advance of the presidential election.

July 5 Australia

Australian ISPs rolled out their planned anti-child pornography filtering system. The list of blocked websites was not released, but Australian sources reported that the system is easy to bypass.

July 11 North Korea

News emerged that North Korea is planning to create a censorship-free Internet and a mobile phone "oasis" in a tourist area.

July 13 Belarus

Belarus blocked Vkontakte, a popular social network used by activists trying to raise a wave of protests to overthrow president Alexander Lukashenko.

July 13 Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's main ISP announced that it was blocking WordPress due to two "illegal" blogs. Bloggers claimed the block was part of a strategy to silence criticism of a customs union between Russia and Belarus.

July 27 Finland

In response to a bombing and mass shooting in Norway, Finnish law enforcement increased Internet surveillance in hopes of picking up "weak signals" that could possibly indicate a terrorist threat.

July 28 Kyrgyzstan

Ahead of the October 2011 presidential elections, Kyrgyzstan's Central Elections Committee began barring web-based news media from taking part in the campaign. Eleven news sites were denied accreditation.