January 17 Tunisia

Acting president Fouad Mebazaa lifted Internet restrictions. Filters against Facebook, Twitter, and other social media were removed as the new government vowed to improve freedom of expression.

January 17 New Zealand

New Zealand's LGBT community launched an attack on McDonald's for allegedly censoring gay and lesbian content in its restaurants around the country.

January 19 Spain

Spain's Agency of Data Protection (AEPD) took Google to court over Spanish citizens' complaints that Google publishes personal information that violates privacy in its search results.

January 21 Indonesia

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. began filtering Internet access on its smartphones in Indonesia, the first such move in any country.

January 25 Hungary

The Hungarian government faced protests over a newly passed media law, which would give a five-member panel—selected by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party—the power to fine or to shut down media outlets.

January 27 Egypt

The Egyptian government "turned off the Internet" within the country's borders by forcing the country's ISPs to shut down all international Internet connections during political protests.